They say opposites

Everything about my life has proven that to be true.

As a city-living girl who has country roots, as a musical theatre performer who writes folk/pop music, as a creative who is obsessed with brain science - I’m living proof that you have the power to change the narrative about what goes together.

Throughout my years of experience as a theatre artist, I’ve taken my versatility as an actor and singer and rooted it in purpose - focused on making art that connects us to a common ground. For me, home is living and breathing inside of a song. It’s what keeps me coming back to the practice, it’s what illuminates the uniqueness of theatre performers, and it’s what opens our hearts to a greater understanding of the human experience. 

Letting go of who I’m supposed to be and embracing who I can be has allowed me to "yes-and" all my curiosities. From running marathons to writing and recording music to keeping my head deep in non-fiction books - getting curious has expanded my mind and soul in ways I never imagined possible.


what's next?

Brave leadership rooted in kindness and vulnerability

and stepping on stages to tell stories that bring us together

using my unique contributions to make a difference in the industry

Will you join me?


Something fun about my

i'm a virgo, so you know i have a system.

One of the first things I do once I start working on a character is I head to Pintrest and make a board of images, quotes, locations, clothing, abstract art and anything else that helps me dig deeper into the world of the play and create a fully realized human. 

Here are a few of my characters. Enjoy the journey!

explore my boards